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Singing Superstar™
The Advanced Karaoke Player for your PC

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Below are some of the more common Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Singing Superstar?

What File Formats does Singing Superstar Support?

Where can I get songs for Singing Superstar?

Can I use songs I already own with Singing Superstar?

Some other software programs install programs on my computer I don't want. Does Singing Superstar do this?

How many players can Singing Superstar support?

What prizes are available for featured users?

Is Singing Superstar easy to install / use?

Are plugins available?

What are the system requirements to run Singing Superstar?

Is this a subscription product?

Do I have to pay again for updates?

How can I get Singing Superstar?

How do I contact you for support / questions?


Inspired by the Singstar™ game available on the Playstation®, Singing Superstar is a PC version that lets you hear the original song while you sing the lyrics and track your voice via the real time golden notes, line bonus and popup's.
It is a fully fledged karaoke player that can be used on your PC

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Singing Superstar Songs can consist of a mp3-file with the audio data, a txt file with lyrics and tone data and an optional Cover, Background or Video.

Videos for songs can be in any format (DivX, XviD, FLV, Avi, WMV, ..)

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There are a number of places available get get songs for Singing Superstar. we do not condone piracy, however there are locations on the internet where songs can easily be downloaded. In the members area we have put together a list of fully legal sites where song files can be obtained, and if needed mp3 versions of the songs can be purchased.
we have found the best prices. One of our recommended sites retails mp3's from only $0.09 per song.

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Yes, one of the main benefits of Singing Superstar is that you can easily use your own songs. Full details are included in the comprehensive guide

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We hate this underhanded practice as well, this is why we is guaranteed that Singing Superstar has:
No Adware / No Spyware / No Pop-Ups / No Trojans

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Singing Superstar has the ability for up to 6 players to play at once. Three players can play on a single screen, for more players a dual screen is required.

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You will have to contact us to find out. Prizes are changed monthly and only available to registered members.

To become a Singing Superstar Featured Singer, you have to send a photo of you performing. If it is used on this site you win...

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Yes, Singing Superstar is very easy to install / use. The program comes as a self extracting program that installs automatically. Instructions are provided showing you exactly how to use Singing Superstar. You will be own you way to singing in no time.

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Yes, Singing Superstar supports a number of different plugins. These are available as an added bonus in the members section. These include a number of battle and point modes. As this game is on PC, new plugins are constantly being developed

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Singing Superstar has been developed to run on all version of the Windows operating system.

Win 95/Win 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7
800MHz Intel® Pentium® ||| or
AMD Athlon™ Processor (at least 1GHz)
256 MB RAM
50 MB Hard Drive Space (+ room for songs)
Sound card: Any sound card with speakers attached
Control: keyboard, game controller / gamepad / joypad, Wii-Mote, infra-red remote control
Extra Hardware: At least one microphone (headset, hand-held microphone, SingStar™ USB microphones etc)

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We hate it when you have to continually pay for so called "updates" or even worse "by subscription".
With Singing Superstar, you pay once. From then on any updates are supplied to you for 100% free. You will never be charged again to use this software.

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You can receive Singing Superstar from our check our page

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If you have questions concerning this policy please feel free to contact us through our site. Contact Us Here

Queries can also be sent to our physical address at:

SS Ltd
PO Box 11-340
Sockburn 8042
New Zealand

These details may change as our site develops and grows, so please re-visit this page as often as you wish.

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